Moringa Oleifera – What is the best kind to take?

Moringa Leaf Extract

When considering moringa oleifera extract it is important to consider what the which brand and supplement type is the best.

Why? Poor supplement business practices are often an issue when it comes to natural supplements once they become popular and profitable. It’s a sad fact, but something everyone should be aware of and accept. That doesn’t mean you have to beware of all kinds and brands of Moringa Oleifera for Sale.

All you need is a few guidelines to follow and to know what does and doesn’t belong in the Moringa Oleifera Leaf or extract supplement. That is the information you will find in the following paragraphs.

The Problem

What is the problem with certain moringa supplements? The issue isn’t with the moringa itself, but instead with bad cultivation and/or manufacturing practices of the manufacturer of these supplements. This isn’t exclusive to Moringa Oleifera Extract supplements. The manufacturers commonly use poor practices with all their supplements and products. How can you tell the difference?

You don’t need to know any of the offending brand names of Moringa Oleifera Leaf extract, as that isn’t the most important factor to consider. Instead, focus on the ingredients lists, labels, and dig for research on various manufacturers to check their reputation for quality and business practices.

What you do need to know is Why Moringa Oleifera is beneficial and how to spot the good from the bad kinds.


Moringa Cost

When it comes to moringa oils, read that label. This oil is approximately 20 times more expensive than regular vegetable oils. It’s easy to fake moringa oil by mixing it with other oils, which dilutes its effectiveness or to market it as Moringa Oleifera Leaf oil, when in fact, it has no moringa in it at all.

Since price varies for other kinds of moringa supplements for nutrition or weight loss needs, price is pretty much exclusive to the oil. Powders, teas, and pills are harder to fake and less expensive to manufacturer in general than oils.


What’s on the label. Most companies (especially US supplement companies) are required to include every ingredient and element used in their supplements. That’s one reason the reputation of the brand is important as well as the contents of the supplement itself. What you should see on the label:

  • 100% Moringa Oleifera Leaf extract or Moringa Oleifera Extract
  • Vegan or vegetarian capsule encasing
  • Nutritional data relating to its vitamin and mineral contents

What you shouldn’t see on the label are additive or fillers. If there are any other ingredients other than the actual extract and capsule information, avoid that supplement. Unless you can read and pronounce it, it’s probably a harmful chemical in this case.

Harmful ingredients include hydrogenated oil, artificial colors, magnesium stearate, titanium oxide, carrageenan, acrylamides, sodium benzoate (BHT), cupric sulfate, absorbic acid, maltodextrin, hexane, and boric acid. Anything you see on the label that is related to these ingredients should set off signals in your brain to avoid that supplement.


Doctor Researching Moringa

It takes only a small amount of your time to find out more about a Moringa Oleifera Extract manufacturer (or brand). Look at where they get their Moringa Oleifera Leaf extract from. If it’s from a country that has been in the news for poor harvesting and cultivation practices, don’t buy it. Also find out how they dry out the leaves as dehydration affects the leaf’s potency.

Read the date on the bottle. Moringa Oleifera Extract should be as fresh as possible to be effective for weight loss or as a nutritional supplement. The longer moringa capsules or powders stay on the shelves, the more nutrients are lost. Moringa can use up to 50 percent of its potency after six months of shelf storage.

High-quality ingredients and high standards in cultivation and manufacturing should be your main concerns when choosing moringa supplements in any form, powder, oil, tea, tincture, or capsule.

Other Factors

Other factors should be taken into consideration before choosing a Moringa Oleifera Leaf extract supplement.

  • Color – When moringa is properly processed is it light to dark green in color. Brown and black are not acceptable colors.
  • Mold – If the powder isn’t properly processed, it will absorb moisture that will result in mold. Don’t use any moringa product with mold in or on it.
  • Packaging – Moringa capsules should be in opaque (not clear) bottles. Powders should be in packaging that doesn’t allow direct sunlight into the product.

All of these factors and information is needed in order to choose Moringa Oleifera Extract wisely. Accept nothing but the highest quality, premium moringa regardless of why or how you use it. The best kind to take is 100 percent pure and handled properly.